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Hello Friend,

Christ's kingdom is thriving on this planet! Although nations are experiencing challenges of many kinds, Christ's kingdom continues to demonstrate the super-natural power of God.  Jesus called me to write songs about Him and I thank Him for that, because working on a song about Jesus is like being in an oasis surrounded by a world of unrest.

A little bit about my music: 
Most composers create in one musical style but I write in several.  My roots are in folk and light rock but through the years I've performed many different genres and appreciate them all.  When I write a song I let the message and the poetic meter determine what musical style fits best.  

About my dog Milo: 
I've had a blast training him to be on camera, he's amazingly smart and a lot of fun.  His joy is much like the joy I feel in my heart for Jesus.

Blessings Galore!

Love, Debbie