Rave Reviews

Debbie Gulino enters the room as a one-woman show with her equipment, backing tracks, voice and guitar. Then wow!...we sit back and forget the world as we're swept away by her high energy, heartfelt lyrics and passionate singing.  What a blessing to enjoy this God inspired talent!
Laura Gabor, United Methodist Church, Hyde Park, NY & Director of Music, Upton Lake Christian School, Clinton Corners, NY

When one seeks to find a Christian musician who is the quintessence of abundant talent, intermixed with the perfect blend of poise, charisma and grace, who brings forth music on the level of any professional musician one could name, one would be hard pressed to find anyone who could come close to the aptitude and proficiency of Debbie Gulino. Look no further, what you sought is here.  Mike Young, worship leader at Assemblies of God, Warwick, NY

It is a joy and a privilege to be able to lead worship with Debbie when she joins us once a month. The first time I heard her sing and lead worship, not only was I overwhelmed with the spirit, but the entire congregation was moved. The music was infectious- you could not help but sing loudly and with a smile. To hear Debbie share her God given gift of music is truly to be in the presence of a ministry of music. Reverend Matthew Querns, Walden Methodist Church, Walden, NY

God has blessed me multiple times through the talents of Debbie Gulino.  Her voice, her musical talent and her heart (which are completely sold out to God) touch all who are in her presence.  As she ministers to others in song, lyric and emotion, she truly is a vessel for the work of the Holy Spirit!  Debra Calvino, former music director Tres Dias Christian Conference, Hudson Valley, NY

Debbie Gulino is a wonderfully talented musician and singer. She has an amazing voice and her Spirit-led worship is straight from her heart. The first time I heard her sing I was so uplifted I felt like I floated out of church after our worship service. I have her CDs Get Ready Now and The Higher Road. I enjoy all her songs, but the one that really sticks in my head from Get Ready Now is "In Return." Every time I hear it I end up singing it to myself for the rest of the day. The Higher Road CD is very worshipful and really highlights Debbie's beautiful voice.  Anthony Zirilli, Walden Methodist Church, Walden, NY

I’ve known Debbie Gulino for a number of years.  She performs often at the Clintondale Coffeehouse which is sponsored by the church I pastored.  She is always enthusiastically received.  I am in no way her equal musically but have enjoyed playing and singing with her.  She has a very clear and powerful voice.  Her guitar work is spot on.  She is an excellent songwriter.  I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending her to anyone looking for Christian entertainment or leadership in worship. 
Dan Whitley, former pastor Clintondale Friends Christian Church, Highland, NY

The congregation I serve as pastor has had the pleasure and privilege of having Debbie Gulino lead a musical worship service for the past three years.  We have found Debbie to be a faithful servant of God and an accomplished singer/songwriter who effectively communicates with both children and adults through music and the spoken word.  I highly encourage all churches to have Debbie lead worship and share her God-given gift of music.  David M. Brechter, pastor St. Remy Reformed Church, Kingston, NY

Debbie Gulino is a very talented musician with a heart of gold!  She is versatile, humble, fun and amazing!  She is a blessing in every way!  Gail Quitoni, worship leader Trinity Lutheran Church, Walden, NY & former director Vida Nueva Christian Youth Conference, Hudson Valley, NY

Debbie Gulino is a talented musician and songwriter, her songs are a true inspiration to me. I always leave her concerts uplifted and reassured of God’s love.  Anne Marie Nauss. Hampstead, NC

Thank you for all you do for our church praise team!  Your music and enthusiasm truly touches and inspires me.  I remember when I first heard you sing, I thought, “I would love to hear her sing more often.” So it’s a wonderful gift to be able to hear you every Sunday!!  Thank you for sharing your lovely gift of singing and your remarkable talent!  Colleen Dionisio, Gardiner Reformed Church, Gardiner, NY

Debbie Gulino is blessed with a God given talent to both compose and sing uplifting praises to our Lord. People leave her concerts feeling encouraged, inspired and reassured of God's love and mercy.  Connie Carroll, Hampstead, NC

The embodiment of talent!  Vern T, Assemblies of God, Warwick, NY

Debbie Gulino is a very talented songwriter with an awesome voice!  
Sue Gibbs, former director Tres Dias Christian Conference, Hudson Valley, NY

I have known Debbie Gulino for several years and can say just what a talented Christian woman she is.  I have heard her sing at various venues and have never been disappointed.  I have all of her CD’s and even keep them in my car to listen to as I go to and fro.  I find her very relaxing.  She is a great entertainer and I know everyone will be richly blessed to hear her!  
Lis Tucker, Reformed Church of Shawangunk, Wallkill, NY

I was so happy that you came to sing for us at our church Christmas Party. Your music is such an inspiration to all of us and you made our evening a wonderful experience. I love how you interacted with the audience by having us participate in the show…dancing, singing, shaking maracas and acting out the kids songs.  A good time was had by all!  I also love it when you are music director on our Hudson Valley Tres Dias and Vida Nueva weekends.  Gloria Matranga, United Methodist Church, Hyde Park, NY